Distribution unit CS-1202

Technical parameters


CS-1202 is installed in the communications centre and is designed for communication via standard four-wire VF channels and physical lines.


  • Distribution of four-wire VF channels to 12 routes;
  • Adding different mode channels;
  • Control the signal levels of each channel in 3 points: - at the input; - on the adder; - at the output.
  • Attenuator control (channel gain);
  • Control of the noise barrier for each route;
  • Channel prioritization management;
  • Indication of the signal status and level on the protected section monitor;
  • Replacement of units without removing the supply voltage with automatic settings restoration.
  • Transmitting the signal from the open line input to the outputs of all others;
  • Remote input switching for each route by the operator from an individual console;
  • The protection mode for at least two routes;
  • Switch to the emergency route by pressing one button;
  • Connecting the operator’s intercom loudspeaker to the system;
  • Selecting any route as a priority (voice interruption);
  • Adjusting the input gain of each line;
  • Adjustable noise barrier for each route;
  • Transmitted signal level indication;
  • Switchable receive and transmission levels;
  • Configuring and control of the parameters of each channel using the built-in LCD;
  • Constant self-testing and self-tuning in the test modes;
  • The capability to connect and control the system using a computer;
  • Gain adjustment in the receiving and transmitting paths of the operator's console.

Technical parameters

Number of lines for connecting channels or studios 12
Termination  four-wire 
Channel input/output impedance  600 Ohm 
Rated input/output level  -13/+4 dB 
Crosstalk attenuation in the transmission lines for each route, when the noise barrier is open  -60 dB 
Own unweighted noise, maximum  -46 dB 
Adjustable noise barrier threshold  -30 to 0 dB 
Power supply voltage  24 to 60 V 
Power consumption  40 W 
Dimensions, WxHxD  483x132x240 mm 
Weight, maximum  5.4 kg