Line connection unit LCU-4XEC1-01

Technical parameters


LCU-4XEC1-01 is designed for operation on a communication line built on balanced cables (MKS 2x4x1.2). The unit mixes the signals of the SHDSL modem and the remote power supply voltage supplied from RPU-600-01 or RPU-700. It operates in conjunction with SM-4X4E-02S and the regenerator module. The unit provides “wire-to-wire” remote power input and communicate positive and negative buses of remote power supply. Also, the unit inputs service channel signals into the line via a wire-to-wire phantom circuit.


  • SHDSL signal input into the communication line;
  • Remote power input into the communication line;
  • Changing the RPS polarity in each direction;
  • Organizing the service communication channel;
  • Active speaker output;
  • Integrated line input protection.

Technical parameters

Line interface 
Number of line ports 4
Insulation resistance minimum 20 MOhm
Communication cable MKS, KSPP, ZKP

Service channel 
Communication mode simplex
Input impedance maximum 1 kOhm
Output impedance 600 Ohm
Input level -30 to +20 dB
Output level Up to +20 dB
Bandwidth 300...3400 Hz

Power supply 
Power supply voltage 20...32 V
Power consumption 8 W

Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 35×262×295 mm